They take care of us. Let’s take care of them.

 For all of us who enjoy Orlando’s nightlife, the bar closures is an inconvenience. For the people who make Orlando’s nightlife happen, the bar closures could be a catastrophe.  We want to connect you to the bars and clubs you know and love, so you can send your favorite servers and bartenders the tips they depend on, even if they can’t get you a drink for a while.


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How It Works

Find your favorite social establishment below. Their official donation platform is provided. All money raised goes directly to the business so they can distribute it to their staff.

Aku Aku Tiki Bar

B. Nice Patio Bar

Bullitt Bar




Johnny’s Other Side


Lil’ Indies

Player 1 Video Game Bar

Savoy Orlando

SHOTS Orlando

Sly Fox

Stardust Lounge


The Falcon Bar & Gallery

The Office

The Robinson Orlando


Will’s Pub

Disclaimer: All funds are sent directly to the bar or club that you choose. The website does not collect any funds for the establishment and only serves as a central hub to tip your favorite bar or club.