About Us

We are the Orlando Devs, a community of software developers in Orlando who are life-long learners and love being around like-minded people all day.

We do that by hanging out on the Orlando Devs Slack channel every day, and by going to multiple meetups throughout the month. We even have our own monthly meetup where we cover a wide array of topics that are related to software development.

Website: orlandodevs.com


Our Mission

The economic impacts of COVID-19 have left many businesses unable to operate in a normal capacity and many of our friends and neighbors unable to work. Started by the local software development community, Save Orlando Bars works to serve as an aggregate page for fundraising efforts to support the people and places we care about. Together we can support our local bartenders and help them through this period of uncertainty. In the end, what matters through all of this is how we treat each other.