Start Your Fund

If you do not have a fund set up for accepting tips for your staff, please visit GoFundMe and create an account.

For your convenience, here are some instructions for starting your fund.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Sign up to start a GoFundMe Account. Make sure to use an email that you can access regularly.

2. Create your fundraising campaign. After signing up, you will begin creating your campaign. Your campaign must be verified before you start raising money. Choose a goal amount and how the funds will be spent; your goal is important but you’ll want to make sure it’s attainable. It’s always a good idea to reflect on how much you’re looking to raise.

3. Enter a campaign title. Use a title specific to your cause. It has to be 35 characters or less.

4. Add an image and write a story. Be honest and open about who you are, your staff and a description of your establishment, what you are raising funds for, and how the money will be spent. The more information, the better.

5. Enter your banking information. GoFundMe will send the money to your bank account or someone else’s bank account.